See You on the Other Side

October 20th, 2007

Hey Guys, its almost been a whole week without anything new. I feel terribly guilty about this because I have plenty of interesting ideas for articles just(once again) not enough time to share them with you guys.

I’ve bought a new HD display, had a 19hr Metal Gear-athon, plummeted in my Street Fighter Alpha tally as well. And then there has been all of these awesome announcements flying out of Capcom this week. I promise that I will soon post about them all.

Fortunately I should be able to finish my two major design projects for Uni next week. From then on I am almost a free man for the mammoth 4 month Uni break. Awesomeness. This time will allow me to focus more on quality content and also advertising the site as I haven’t done the latter for a while now.

I plan on kicking off the long holiday celebration with a major site overhaul. I am going to be ripping out the non gaming related articles on this site and add them to a separate personal blog(with this design). As for this part of the site(the gaming blog), I will be installing an already finished design which looks superb and adding a whole bunch of features.

So its definitely very exciting news, all I have to do now is get there first. So thanks for putting up with the lack of content over the past few days. I seriously hate doing it to you guys. So over the next week I should be able to get a grip on everything and keep things going at a regular pace.

Also a bit heads up to the RSS subscribers, the last few days have been our highest(for some reason). Anyways, seeya on the other side.