Ignition Entertainment and Marvelous Interactive Team Up for North American Releases

October 14th, 2007

Ignition Entertainment(they publish SNK titles in PAL territories) and Marvelous Interactive(working on No More Heroes with Suda 51) are teaming up to bring cult Japanese arcade classics to North America. This is definitely awesome news for those USA readers.

So far there are 3 games in the pipeline from the duo, all for portable consoles:

  1. Bubble Bobble Double Shot(DS)
  2. New Zealand Story Revolution(DS)
  3. Rainbow Islands Evolution(PSP)

Each title is an upgraded port of the arcade originals. Two of these titlesrainbow island psp boxart (Bubble Bobble Double Shot and New Zealand Story Revolution) have already had PAL releases (which is why I wanted to talk about this, yeah I’m a bastard :)). Unfortunately both titles have been pretty average.

In anycase Rainbow Islands Evolution is on the way and much like Rockford I have fond memories of playing the original title as a kid. So here’s hoping that it can recreate the childhood magic. *crosses fingers*