Are you a Betting Gamer?

October 7th, 2007

If you’ve noticed my latest MSN messenger screen name(don’t worry, its changed already) then you might be strangely curious as to what it may mean. Here’s the screen name:

dp- SFA3 Betting Record = Dan +4 Beers || Chris 0 Beers ^^UNBEATABLE!!^^

What this is refering to is the betting system that I have with my twin brother in Street Fighter Alpha 3. SFA3 is such a well balanced title with no bias, it requires skill and hard work to master hence making it an awesome choice for competition.akuma street fighter alpha 3

Competition by itself would be useless without something at stake. So to heighten the drama we place bets on our winnings. Most of our play time is spent practicing, we use this time to talk about how our day was and to just warm up. When we are ready, we will choose a match to play for and then thrash it out.

Short matches just aren’t worth playing, so we set the max round limit to 5 which is the highest we can go. First one to get to 3 rounds won wins the bet.

The way we tally the winnings is by the winner’s difference. So for example, I was on 4 wins(thats 4 straight wins ;)) and then just the other day that increased to 5. Now today we had two bets and unfortunately my winning streak was over, I lost both matches. So then the score went down to:

Dan +3 – Chris 0

This way its easy to balance out who is the leader. When we began this bet, I lost 3 bets in a row. Then over a month or so the tides turned and I got up to my 5+ winning steak. Overall we probably place about 2 bets a week.

My brother and I love placing bets because it brings out the best of our talent. And to be honest its the only game that I have been playing lately. I’ve been too busy with work and haven’t been bothered picking up anything else. I think that I’ll wait until my latest online purchases come through before I start anything else.

There is only one consequence for our betting, our poor thumbs. Week in an week out we are left with less skin on our thumbs than the week before. Its not healthy. So we have both mutually agreed to do our best to pick up a pair of arcade sticks to relieve the pain.

So what about you and your friends/family? Do you place bets in games and if so what for? For my brother and I beer is our betting currency. What games do you play competitively with?

  • Street Fighter is bloody awesome series I can’t believe that we didn’t get into the series sooner.

    BTW if Dan doesn’t keep a tally of the score then head over to and I’ll do it. 🙂