TGS 07 “Might have Missed” articles

September 24th, 2007

Over the last few days there has obviously been a bit of commotion going around in the games industry thanks to the Tokyo Game Show. With events like the TGS, E3 or the Game Convention on every year sometimes we can miss a few important bites of information. So to remedy this I have been gathering a nice collection of articles that may have been originally overlooked.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi interested in making a Space Channel 5 title for Wii
More Bomberman for Wii, DS and PSP
Final Fantasy IV Trailer
Populous Remake for the DS
Motor Storm 2 Announced
Jam Sessions Review
Final Fantasy IV Impressions
Lost Odyssey to span 4 DVDs
SNK Game Line up
Booth Babes at Sony’s Booth
More info on Link’s Crossbow Training
Retro Studios Interview on developing Metroid Prime 3
Best High Resolution 2D games yet to be Released
MyStyle Book Hands On
Star Ocean: First Departure
Blue Dragon DS
More Front Mission for the DS
Stranglehold’s 50gb Install problem resolved
PSP Sales Success
UC developer jokes about Biohazzard Fitness
New Mario Galaxy Character shots

Argh, I feel kinda frustrated because I lost a link to an article about the montage clip that Square Enix showed off at the show. This clip had video of FF XIII, FF VIII VS, the 3 Kingdom Hearts titles as well as a snippet for a title called 3rd Birthday. 3rd Birthday is the 3rd title in the Parasite Eve franchise. Only that small snippet and some concept art stand ups were shown at the show.