Play Impressions 13/9/07

September 13th, 2007

akuma illustration

Play test is a new feature that I have started up. You see I just don’t get the time anymore to play a game from start to finish and then write a review on it. Hence in this feature I review the games that I have had the luxury to play.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Some time ago I wrote an article about my new focus towards niche/cult gaming classics. Since that time I have managed to scronge around and pick up a few of these titles. One of these games that I have missed out on is the Street Fighter series. Unfortuntely I just hadn’t grown up with the series and until now hadn’t played the series all that much.

Thankfully my brother snapped up Street Fighter Alpa Anthology for the PS2, I’ve been playing the title pretty much ever since. Out of the 3 Alpha games and Gem Fighters Alpha 3 is the highlight of the disc. Initially I wasn’t convinced and was after a more combo orientated fighter(like King of Fighters). But after giving it a fair go I just haven’t stopped.

Although I have throughly enjoyed this excellent fighter(probably the best and most balanced/skill based fighter I have ever played) there has been the bad as well. Unfortunately for the past 3 weeks I have had monsterous blisters on my thumb from intense gaming sessions with the title. The other downfall along with the blisters is that I have lost a total of 3 beers to betting matches with my twin brother. But worry not as I plan to win them all(and more) back.

Overall I am very happy about this purchase(only $AUD30). It has reinvigorated the core gamer in me.

Final Fantasy

Recently I’ve had this thing for finishing old titles that I couldn’t be screwed finishing/playing the first time around. This is where Final Fantasy comes in, I never really played heaps of the series back into the day. As I like to say I am a more action intensive gamer. But due to the stress that I’ve been recieving from Alpha 3, my thumbs desperately needed a break.

So to cure this problem(and my left thumb) I have taken it upon myself to start my own FF journey. From the original right through to the most recent titles. Once I eventually bought myself a new working PSone memory card(the others are full up) I started playing right away. So far I am really enjoying my little adventure. Its a nice break from all of these brain stressing, high octane titles that I normally play.