NeoGeo Battle Coliseum and Kof XI heading to America = Quick gip for Aussies?

September 30th, 2007

This article almost took me by surprise when I first read the headline. Being an Australian I have been playing these games for a few months now and I had forgotten about the Americans(its usually the opposite way around eh?)

What really grabbed my attention about this announcement is that it explains why SNK only released so few copies of these games in Australia. That is in order to prepare for the American release.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while then you might remember that I had ordered NeoGeo Battle Coliseum through EzyGames. I placed the order 6 months since the game was released and EzyGames weren’t able to find any PAL copies of the game for me.neo geo battle coloseum pal

So, in only 5 months the game was already discontinued. I don’t know much about SNK’s Australian distibution but these two games are already harder to find than the plentiful amounts of King of Fighters 2003 and Metal Slug games that are gracing bargain bins Australia wide. I guess this would be pretty standard really since their titles are fairly low key but it still bugs me that I haven’t seen anymore copies of these two games for the last few months. Especially KoF as that title only came out last July.

Have any other Aussies reading this seen many/any of these games on store shelves?

Although its not much of a big deal, it kinda makes you wonder why SNK would go to the effort of bringing this title out early in Australia just to ship out a few copies and then leave. It’s not as though our market for their games is larger than the American market, our market is small in comparison. In anycase its just something to ponder.