Major Sony Micro Announcements

September 20th, 2007

sony playstation 3 announcement

Thats right folks a double helping of Japanese game expo excellence. Now to put it bluntly, the TGS is really Sony’s events. With no Nintendo to distract people from Sony’s showings and the Xbox 360 being a dud in Japan its no wonder why Sony seized the opportunity to make some small announcements. Being:

Rumble Shock 3 Announced

Thats right folks, Sony have finally announced the real PS3 controller, with rumble. Theres not much else to say really. What surprised me though was the upcoming titles that are already supporting the rumble, namely:

I guess this shows that Sony have had this idea in the pipeline for a while. Considering that it already has support by important 3rd party developers.


Home Service Delayed

Sony’s Online Home service has been delayed until Spring due to Sony wanting to respond to use feed back on some important service issues


Playstation Store available via PC

Thats right the Playstation store will be available to use via your PC. You can use the sevice to access most features, games being the exception. The PSP can also use the PC to access the store hence not requiring a PS3 console.