Ikaruga, Rez HD, more SNK and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Reviewed

September 15th, 2007

Ah, I love niche/cult gaming. Something that hits a soft spot in my heart. This week my heart has been put into over drive with the following cult gaming annoncements.

Ikaruga and Rez HD for Xbox Live Arcade
via Retro Gaming with RacketBoy

Both Rez and Ikaruga are top tier cult gaming titles. Thankfully these classics are getting a revival on Xbox Live Arcade in lovely high definition.This was announced just recently at Microsoft’s Tokyo Game Show Pre-Show event. Get excited people!

SNK announces the First Three VC ports
via IGN

SNK has recently announced the first 3 Neo Geo ports for the Wii’s Virtual Console service. Being; Fatal Fury, World Heroes and Art of Fighting.

Notably you can pick Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury in the following compilation sets for the PS2. Both compilations have been released only in the last 6 months:

Art of Fighting Anthology

Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 1

IGN Review Guilty Gear Accent Core
via IGN

This one just in! IGN just posted up the review for the new Guilty Gear XX series update; Accent Core. So check it out in all its awesomeness.

Alright, thats the information bite over. ^_^