Cubed3 and Nibris Ownage by NeoGAF

September 2nd, 2007

This little event happened a few days ago and I was really interested in it because I have been a follower of the Cubed3 website almost since it started. Basically the story goes something like this:

Nintendo news website Cubed3 had been recieving a lot of exclusive details from (Wii and DS exclusive developer) Nibris over the last few months. All of this exclusive content came in the form of interviews, concept art and even music files from one of the games. We had seen a little bit of gameplay from one of the titles in the form of a rough off screen YouTube video and even that was a bit dodgy.

Anyways one of the staff members of C3 had recieved some new concept art and details from Nibris about (another) new game that they had announced. Now it should be noted that at this stage this new title(for the DS) was the about the 6th game that this company had announced. So Cubed3 posted up the ‘Exclusive’ and then the staff member who posted that article posted a new thread about it over at NeoGAF forums. Obviously wanting hits and the cred for the site.

The NeoGaffers(I can call you guys that, right?) pointed out that we still have seen practically no gameplay of any of Nibris’ 6 or so titles. Now here is where it gets interesting. One of the forum members noticed that this same concept art(for this new title) was on a deviantART page from someone posting their own Silent Hill fanart.

So something was up and those cluey NeoGaffers couldn’t let it go. The C3 staff member sent a few emails back and forth between Nibris while the Gaffers continued to snoop around and ask questions to the artist.

It was soon discovered that this artwork was done by the artist a while back and was used for a guide to what Nibris wanted their new game to look like(couldn’t they have just played Silent Hill?). The artisthad been given the all clear to post his work on dA by his boss and did so. Once the NeoGaffers questioned him about the whole ordeal he didn’t seem to happy about it. Stating that:

Hey, thanks for being aware. There must have been some misunderstanding. Generally I work with Nibris doing concept art for Sadness and ROTR. Those three pics Nibris used in their NDS game promo I gave to Nibris only as a sample of my gallery and in what atmosphere I would see a horror game for the NDS to look like. I don’t really know why Nibris or Cubed3 released those artworks without my authorization, because they were intended for intranet only. Seems like one big shit :/Overall, nothing bad happened, I’ll try to straighten out some people. Cubed3 should write an apology soon. Thanks again

As for Cubed3 and Nibris well Nibris told Cubed3 through a bunch of vague emails that this image was in a private folder and sholdn’t have been sent to them. So Cubed3 took the article down and replaced it with the following article. Trying to clear up the situation.Unfortunately despite how this event has damaged the reputation of this site is seems as though they are still interested in continuing in being Nibris private media outlet. I think that this is pretty shameful really. What about you readers? Do you think that the site should ditch Nibris?

Well thats the story, if you are interested in knowing how it all unfolded then click the following link to view the thread.Ironically just today I finally recieved my confirmation email for the site’s forum registration. The thing is I registered at the start of the year. 🙁