Win a custom Seether PSP + Guest Writing

August 22nd, 2007

Hey guys, sorry about the slow updates over the past week. I have been doing some guest writing recently. Some of which can be seen in the following article:

Games That Defined The Super Nintendo (SNES)

I wrote up the Uniracers and Yoshi’s Island post. So be sure to check them out.

The other thing that I wanted to bring up was a competition that Wind Up Records are holding at the moment to win a free custom PSP. The custom PSP is based off the band Seether. I’m a fan of the band whom actually have quite an interest in games. They had a competition previously based around the Doom III game on the Xbox where you could play against the band. Their music has been featured in several games as well like 1080 Avalanche. To enter the competition just click the link to follow the prompts.

More content soon. ^_^