Unfinished Business

August 5th, 2007

I just wanted to take the time to chase up some old business related to some previous entries in the blog. Firstly I’ll begin with the recent release of Shinobi III for the Wii’s Virtual Console. I wrote a Retro Review on the game early last month(more RRs on the way ;)). Now that this game is readily(or will be shortly) available its a good opportunity to snatch it up. If you’re unsure then take a flick thru the review. Metroid and Castlevania fans whom also have a love for B-grade ninja action should check this title out.

I mentioned in my Avcon Adventures post that I would link to photos from Avcon when they became available. And they are now available, in fact there are piles of photos and videos available. So take a peek.

Lastly I added DP’s Fav Posts to the side bar, so if you are new to the blog, this page tells you where to find the gold.

DP out!