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August 4th, 2007

The game industry is still recouping from the news buzz that was the E3 expo(see previous entry for an elaboration). Although it wasn’t as exciting as previous years it was still enough to leave us in this fairly dry state. So to recover from the lack of interesting news and flood of after E3 impressions I have decided to add a few more links to the chain.

Lemme start off with 2D fighters, its no surprise that I have been fanatically interested in these games recently. So to start off with I have two intro movies; one from Guilty Gear Accent Core and the other for King of Fighters MIRA. To be honest they arent even that good but its good to find some new video on these games.

Sticking to the theme for a second, earlier this week I emailed out a link to Udon Comics to my friends. Udon Comics are responsible for the excellent artwork for fighters such as Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. They also do a manga and comics as well. If you’re into this kind of art then check them out.

One last point on the 2D fighter, more information has been released on the new Sengoku Basara X game which incase you aren’t aware of is Capcom’s latest 2D fighter game based on the Devil Kings franchise. My mate RacketBoy posted a summary of this new info including screens and video here.

IGN recently posted some informtion from the IEAA about gaming in Australia. Here are some of the more interesting stats:

Being a game blogger I apreciate fellow bloggers and the work that they put into their work. I’ve already linked out to some of my favourite blogs like Racketboy’s Retro Gaming. I wanted to continue this will ‘Press the Buttons‘. This blog is run by Matt G from the Advanced Media Network. I use to be a forum vetran there sometime ago. I kind of have a love hate relationship with the network. I’m proud to say that the network has continued its progessive improvemnts since GCA which is positive to see. There’s still a few quimbles but they are slowly being fixed(much like Casey Ayres obvious bias in The Inside Track).

Keeping with the theme of game blogs GameTrailers’ Bonus Round did 2 interviews with 3 key staff members from the largest game blogs on the net. Being; Joystiq, Kotaku and Destructiod. To be honest I don’t really think much about these sites, they just seem like news sites with a casual twist. But the interviews have improved my perception of the sites.

Lastly I wanted to plug my flickr page which has been recieiving a pleasant amount of attention. I find that my shots are getting quite a number of views within minutes of me uploading them which is rather surprising. I’ve uploaded a few shots recently but still have plethora to go.

And that concludes This Weeks Linkies. If you have enjoyed this post then you can find more posts in the series just under the Regular Features section. Of course there are plenty of archived links on my delicious page. Or alternatively, if you have found something interesting(preferably game related) then just use the contact form and drop me a line.