Sexiest People in Games – Morrigan Aensland

August 31st, 2007

Morrigan Aensland darkstalkers

This post is a part of the Sexiest People in Games feature series. Basically this series highlights the hottest guys and gals in video games and provides some detail into the character’s background and the games they have featured in. This may contain some sexual references.

First up in our feature we have Morrigan Aensland from Capcom’s 2D fighter series Dark Stalkers(known as Vampire in Japan). This lovely lady is considered to be the lead character of the series which isn’t surprising as she fits the game’s ultra stylistic feel extremely well.


The first thing that your likely to ask is, what’s with the name? My guess is the Scottish background. I could run through a bunch of statistic like her height(172cm), weight(58kg) or that she is 30 years old but the most interesting part is that she is a succubus. A what now? Well as the name partly suggests she is a bad ass demon chick whom survives off the energy of rigorous sexual intercourse with men. Well its not quite like that, as Wikipedia puts it:

But the Succubi from Darkstalkers that are a part of the Aensland family are slightly different; they create a special secretion liquid in their body when they are either physically or mentally stimulated. They use this liquid to maintain their life. If one were to be trapped inside a small secluded area, she would die within two days due to the lack of stimulus, this is because the liquid needed to maintain her life can’t be secreted.

Kinda confusing really they should have just stuck to the original definition. 😀

Morrigan Aensland darkstalkers

Featured Games

Morrigan mainly features in the DarkStalkers games and like many Capcom fighting favourites she has appeared in the spin off Capcom Vs SNK series. The Dark Stalkers games are similar to Capcom’s successful Street Fighter franchise but it has a number of major gameplay and aesthetic differences. The Dark Stalkers games have been on the Arcade, Dreamcast, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PSP, and Sega Saturn. I strongly recommend this game series to fans of the 2D fighter genre. Morrigan has also been featured in the Dark Stalkers anime and comics.

YouTube Preview Image

A fan video compiling various clips from the Dark Stalkers anime


Morrigan was so sexy that she was ranked as the 3rd best video game babe by GameSpy. Which put her above Jill Valentine and Samus Aran although I think that she is much sexier than Lara Croft. Ah guess they had to select the default winner. 🙁