Jeanne d’Arc :: leading the resurrection of the PSP?

August 17th, 2007

Jeanne d'Arc psp

I’ve previously spoken about my uncertainty as to whether it is worth me purchasing a PSP. With the upcoming redesign and a slew of fresh quality titles on the way it is almost looking like a certified purchase.

One of the key titles that has persuaded my decision is Jeanne d’Arc. Jeanne d’Arc is a new Strategy/RPG developed by Level 5. These guys were also responsible for other great games like Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud. The game is based on the Joan of Arc story but it has a number of changes the the formula. The most notable aspect is the anime inspired graphics; the game features beautiful cell shaded graphics and anime cut scenes.

The main hook for me is the deep, engrossing, RPG/Stratergy gameplay which isn’t unlike Final Fantasy Tactics(probably my favourite strategy title). The game should be out now or at least coming soon to your region. So definitely check the title out. IGN recently did a 3 page review of the game giving it a 9.0 out of 10, you can find the review here.

I think that this game should start the ‘mini comeback/revivial’ for the PSP. The PSP’s main weakness has been exclusive qualitity titles built from the ground up. This title is just that and more of these titles(Syphon Filter, God of War, Platoon) are following this games release.