Images that Defined Gaming – D’arci Stern

August 10th, 2007

D'arci Stern urban chaos

Images that Defined Gaming is new featured series showcasing the various images that changed the way we thought about gaming, the characters and franchises within it. To view more entries in this series click here.

D’arci Stern is the main character of the PSone, Dreamcast and PC title Urban Chaos. Urban Chaos wasn’t a very successful game commercially nor critically. Infact when you look at it that way the game was generally pretty useless. Although it did start a positive trend in the gaming industry.

You see the gaming industry has a few elements of the film industry embedded deep inside it. One of those being the strong focus on visually appealing women, no I’m not talking about non blocky women with not a jaggie in sight. I’m talking about sexy white chicks with big boobs like Lara Croft and the Dead or Alive girls.

D'arci Stern urban chao

Thankfully though there has been a small trend forming in the gaming industry over the years. Where developers ditch this cliche and instead use a normal heroine. Just to prevent the industry from becoming too shallow. This trend first developed with the character D’arci Stern from Urban Chaos. This chick was an African American, had platted hair and a not so perfect figure. Eliminating all of the stereotypes of the women of gaming.

Ironically this niche trend was created by the people that started the ‘perfect’ women trend; Edios Interactive(ie. Lara Croft publishers ;)). Good on them. This character design led the way for more successful “not so attractive” game heroines like Alex from the Half life games.