How can one man survive the E3 media snow in?

August 1st, 2007

Now that the dust has settled on E3 for another year, I’m still trying to get thru all of the content. I wanted to look back and reflect..

…on how damn difficult it is to keep up to date on everything that happened! E3 finished a few days ago(when this was written) and I still have over a hundred feeds to read just on the event itself. Its ridiculous.

Just to stress the ridiculousness here is a run down of everything that I had prepared for E3 Basically everybody wants news, screenshots and a comprehensive list of video. Pretty simple right?

I am a keen IGN subscriber, so I get all of my news and screens from there. Overall they do a pretty comprehensive job. Although their video is a bit lacking, so GameTrailers cover me here. IGN sometimes misses some of the smaller, more interesting announcements, so I subscribe to another gaming feed which fills in all the gaps.

Here’s the run down of articles, this includes pre-E3:

IGN Playstation 2 – 70 articles
IGN Playstation 3- 275 articles
IGN Playstation Portable – 80 articles
IGN DS – 125 articles
IGN Wii – 186 articles
Other Feed – 60 articles
GameTrailers – 1126 videos and counting

Total =796 feeds and 1126 trailers

Pretty damn insane if you ask me. Of course I don’t read all of these I get the best ones, so probably over 500 feeds.