Back to Back: Proving Ground + Metroid Prime 3

August 12th, 2007

There have been a few news bytes on two games that I am much anticipating. First details and media have been released for the new Tony Hawk game for the DS, once again created by the excellent Vicarious Visions. Also we have started to see some of the pre-release hype for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Tony Hawk Proving Ground

I am a loyal follower of the Tony Hawk franchise, like most people I began with THPS2 for the PSone and held a steady interest in the series until the slim upgrades almost made me lose sight of the franchise. That was until the DS iterations of the series came along and rekindled my interest. I personally believe that these games have been a real under appreciated breath of fresh air for the series.

So far we have seen American Sk8land and Downhill Jam. Both excellent titles developed by Vicarious Visions; the developers for the also great GBA titles. These games packed a plethora of features such as online play, touch screen customization and voice input. These features combined with a solid soundtrack and unique visuals really pushed the console to its technical limits.

tony hawk proving ground ds

With TH Proving Ground they are once again testing their development wisdom and bringing this game to new and unseen levels. Here are some of the major differences with this iteration:

-no more cel shading, VV are aiming for a more realistic title
-new skatepark editor, your frinds can play in your park
-tweaks to the voice chatting
-new skate lounge area
-FMV of real skaters busting tricks
-much more on scren action/structures than prvious games

This is definetly one DS game for the ‘core’ audience. So if you haven’t played any of the DS Tony Hawk titles then go back and pick up the previous two or just hold tight for the upcoming release of Proving Ground.


Metroid Prime 3 Coruption

The Metroid Prime series so far hasn’t recieved the marketing and hype that it truely deserves. I’m not alone on this, IGN recently posted up an editorial on the matter. It really is concerning as my anticipation levels on this game aren’t as high as they probably shold be.

Thankfully Nintendo has release two awesome trailers for the game. Hopefully this is the start of a chain reaction of advertising/hyping. In saying that, the games coming out in just 3 weeks. Aren’t they a little behind?