Resident Evil 5 PS3 Conference Trailer Breakdown

July 18th, 2007

resident evil 5 sont press conference trailer 2007

After hearing that some footage of RE5 was at the Sony E3 Press conference I assumed that Capcom wouldn’t be generous enough to give us a new trailer different to the MS Conference trailer. Well it turns out that they did and finally separate video has surfaced of just the RE5 part of the conference.

So if you haven’t seen the clip then check it out without delay:

Standard Definition


Now I am going to refer to many points made in my breakdown of the 360 conference video. So I suggest reading that before you delve into this post. This video is much shorter than the previous one and many points have already been covered. So there isn’t a whole lot to break down.

To begin with this trailer repeats a number of scenes from the previous trailer, including:

After the first 2 repeated scenes we see an almost top down view of the initial scenes in the 360 trailer. Being at the start of both trailers it seems that this must be one of the first areas in the village.

resident evil 5 overhead village

This time though Chris walks past the announcer from the previous trailer. Although it appears that he is wearing shorts this time. We also see him a few times throughout this trailer. There is also the two females from the previous trailer. After this scene a mob of villagers group up. So it appears that this guy may be the ring leader.

resident evil 5 back shed zombie

We see a brief scene where Chris is being attacked and then a shot of a group of villagers running out of a shed with weapons. This is the group of people whom pursue him. Later we see one of the villagers trying to break Chris’ arm, this pans out into a scene from the previous trailer.

resident evil 5 zombie arm chris redfield

What I realised here was that the crowd scenes from the previous trailer must be seperate from this incident that is going on. So perhaps those shots where part of the back story as when Chris came to the town the strange man had his bloodshot eyes and yet before this he was in the crowd.

There is also another scene with the flyswat man from the last trailer. He must be some sort of boss. We see him swinging his devastatingly large flyswat around. It also should be noted that the strange man couldn’t be the flyswat guy as they where both in the same scene at the start of the trailer.

This trailer finally reveals whom is restraining the strange man, it is the two villagers at the start. You can tell because of the clothing. Although you can hardly see the announcer(that is if the announcer is the villager at the start of the trailers in the green shirt) we can spot a patch of his pants which match up. We can also see that the lighting matches the scenes.

resident evil 5 zombies bloodshot eye

This also scene matches up these different shots, once again the lighting:

resident evil 5 zombie

There is also a repeated glimpse of the strange man’s hands evolving. Another scene proves this as he feels a jolt in his fingers.

The most important part of the clip is the part where we see the scene of the strange man continue. Blood starts to weep from his eyes. This and the hand part must be effects of this new virus.

resident evil 5 blood shot eye zombie

Dot Points

A few quick points, as I previously mentioned the villagers use that strange hook thing. Perhaps another weapon for climbing into buildings In that scene we see a quick peek at a different area.

resident evil 5 zombie mob

One of the villagers tries to break Chris’ arm which might be another new gameplay mechanic. Did you also spot the other shot with Chris’ headset I’ll leave that one for you guys.

I hope these features have opened up the trailer a little bit for you. 🙂