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July 8th, 2007

king of fighter xi australia

Hey friends, sorry about the lack of posts recently, I shall explain that one a little later. For now let me just run thru some stuff that has been going on with me.

Recently I’ve redeveloped my passion for niche and retro gaming titles. This was kick started by a retro gaming blog that I read at RacketBoy.com . Bascially I had decided to run thru the site and pick out the posts that I was interested in reading. After 6 hours straight of reading I was satisfied. 🙂

This also reminded me of how I’d been meaning to get into a number of 2D fighting franchises as well as some Neo Geo stuff. So I continued my research for a few days and this is my conclusion. I have decided to pick up:

After reading some reviews of the Art of Fighting Trilogy I decided to pass. I’m still unsure about Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1, I will have to wait until its released. I have found it impossible to find Guilty Gears XX, so I will wait for Accent Core to arrive to the PS2(unless the Wii version is miraculously better). I’m also keeping my eye out on Dark Stalkers and a GBA copy of Street Fighter Alpha 3. I’m very happy with my decision and can’t wait to play the games.


Its a scary word for someone trying to catch up on old game titles. Unfortunately out of the list of games for my PS2 catch up I have 2 of them. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. The MGS series is one of the best series in the gaming industry and yet everywhere around the world it gets a poor distribution. And then something like MGS The Twin Snakes happens on Gamecube and you know that your never going to ever see that game. I’ve also noticed that a few other big games are getting hard to find, like Devil May Cry 3 SE. So I have had this idea recently: no matter how much it costs, if I find a new copy of a game that is very rare I should snap it up right away so that I don’t miss out.


Well all of this ties in with the main point here and being that I managed to snap up a these games recently. Here’s the complete list with Australian prices:

Sonic Gems Collection – $27
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition – $49
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence – $87
Neo Geo: Battle Coliseum – $47
Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes – $70
Final Fantasy Origins(PSone) – $55
King Of Fighters XI – $27

Everything after DMC was bought online which is a first for me. I decided to buy the SNK games at the last minute as I was really keen to pick them up. King Of Fighters XI was definetly a good deal as it only came out 3 weeks ago. I’ll let you know what I think in the following weeks.

  • Go to http://www.gamequestdirect.com

    They reprint a lot of old or rare games, like Rez. I bought Metroid Prime (with the Prime 2 bonus disc) and Killer7 from them. Once I can, it’ll be on to Rez.

    So, since you like rare games, let’s hope you can snag a copy of Okami. I hear that game is awesome. I’ll probably get it after Rez.

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  • Steve Johnathan

    Now that you bring up that ugly word discontinued, I better start bargain buying any exclusive PSP titles (like Valkyria chronicles 2) even if I don’t have the console itself.