Three Recent Positives in the Gaming Industry

June 27th, 2007

Children feel really warm inside when a parent treats their child to something special. Much like children gamers feel the same way when a developer decides to treat their gamers with something special. This kind of consumer love should definitely not go unnoticed. So I have decided to talk about some of these highlights for the gamer.

Final Fantasy I + II

The great thing about these remakes are that most gamers haven’t really played the original games. There’s a lot of Final Fantasy fanboys out there that would have killed to own the original FF games but thankfully Square Enix has prevented any deaths with these two remade games. This is such a positive thing for the gaming industry as it gives gamers what they have wanted for years and honestly what we deserved.

final fantasy 1 and 2 boxart psp

Final Fantasy I has been shipped out to retailers just recently. Infact Square Enix know how badly people want this game that they had/have(damn American timezones) a launch party down at the Metreon Playstation Store in San Francisco.

Not to be forgotten a pile of media for FF II has been recently shown off which is definitely worth a look.

Final Fantasy I Release
Final Fantasy I Video(GameTrailers)
Final Fantasy II Video(GameTrailers)

Grand Theft Auto Collectors Edition

grand theft auto 4 collectors edition duffle bag art book

If there’s one thing that we love as gamers, its collectables. So promotions like this one are always very welcomed. Basically for $89.99(assumingly, that’s $AUS108) you get:

-GTAIV the game for whichever console you prefer
-an artbook, which is awesome as GTA has some superbly stylistic artwork
-the original soundtrack for the game(which is only available in this pack :()
-a safety deposit box and Rockstar keychain
-a Rockstar duffel bag

This is an excellent package as its clever(the duffel bag and safety deposit box) and contains a pile of stuff that collectors and fans alike would be proud to have in your collection. Well done.

NB: This was announced sometime ago, but the first pictures have been released just recently.

Exclusive Characters for Soul Calibur IV

Much like with what happened with Soul Calibur II; Soul Calibur IV shall have console exclusive characters. Which is awesome news, although I’m not sure who they will cast for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Many Sony fans believe that Kratos from the God of War series would be an excellent choice. I of which agree as he fits into the SC universe quite nicely. Being mythical like and all. But as for the 360 who could they choose? Master Chief is far too modern for SC.


Well there you have it folks, 3 reasons to be excited about games. I love in when developers do this kind of stuff, just for us. ^_^ This might become a regular segment, not sure yet, we’ll have to see if this sort of business keeps up.

  • Final Fantasy 1 and 2 were released on the GBA a while back. Unfortunately I think the GBA game is discountinued so since I don’t have it, the PSP version will make a good substitute.

  • I really wish I had both the money for the collector’s edition of GTA IV, and also a PS3 so that I could actually play it, because that game looks great- I don’t know if you saw the trailer released yesterday, but it really got me even more hyped than I was.

    As for Kratos being in SC IV, I don’t know if I’d want that. I’m a huge, HUGE fan of God of War, but I honestly don’t know how well he would transition into a fighting game character, or at least one in a traditional fighting game like Soul Caliber. Honestly, they should probably just use Snake or somebody like what Smash Bros Brawl is doing.

  • Chris – Good point, I forgot about Dawn of Souls >< I guess its still a positive for non-GBA liking people. ^_^ Thomas - I unfortunately haven't seen the trailer yet, I have a mile long list of new videos that I have to download. 🙁 I think that Kratos would be excellent as he fits in well with "the look" that the SC franchise encompasses. I think if Namco used Snake they'd get some bad cred. as he is already appearing in SSBB. Thanks for the comments guys. ^_^

  • I love the design of those Final Fantasy games. If only I could find my PSP… I’ve been looking for it for the past two months and can’t find it or my 1 gig memory stick either, unfortunately.

    As for the Grand Theft Auto IV: Collector’s Edition — looks cool, too. Too bad I don’t have a PS3 or XBOX 360.

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  • Steve Johnathan

    lol. You predicted them putting Kratos in Soul Calibur long before they actually did it.