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June 13th, 2007

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I’m sure that some of us gamers may have done it once or twice. Infact its inevitable for most of us poor gamers out there. There comes a time when we need to decide whether its worthwhile to invest in another console. This can be because we missed out the first time around or we just want another console to expand our gaming horizons.

Deciding whether it is a worthwhile investment is the tricky part. I’ve done this numerous times before and did it again today. So lets take a look at whats required to make that important decision.

Getting started

Lets make the case study for this article be the latest console that I’ve picked up; a Playstation 2. Its better late than never I guess. I’ve been eyeing one off for about 2 years but only recently has it been the best time to buy. Lets take a look at what I did to prepare for a console catch up.

Deciding the worthwhile-ability

The key reason why you are buying an older console is for the games, right? Grab and pen and paper and jot down all of the games you are interested in on that console. Don’t be too strict with your list. Now write a total at the bottom. I’m not going to tell you what the number should be.

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is how expensive the games are going to be and also how easy it is to get your hands on them. Its all well and good wanting Ikaruga or Radiant SilverGun but if you can’t get your hands on it easily then its almost pointless wanting it.

Hopefully this simple task has helped you manage to grasp what you are likely to be playing with your new old console. The point here is to give you the idea of what you’d get with your console, how hard it would be to get and how much it’d cost. As these are the major points of consideration. Especially the strength of the games list, there is little point on buying a console for just one game.

I didn’t really need this step as I already knew that purchasing a PS2 was rather worthwhile. But I did it anyways. I did this with my brother and we got a list of about 40 games (these are the essential must have games BTW). The prices and availability for most of the games are pretty good. We could probably get the whole deal sorted out for a few hundred dollars. So yeah, definetly worthwhile.

Fine tuning your preferences

Okay, now that you know what you are interested in. Its time to find out whats worth buying. Obviously there are some games that you just know that are worth you buying, but there’s probably a few that your unsure of. And its worth checking them out. I did quite a bit of this for games that I was unsure about. Depending on what your into this can be done in many ways. But I’ll just explain it in the way that I did it.

When I research old games I look at videos, reviews and critical reactions. The best sort of video that you can get are Video Reviews as thry run thru the essentials. Places like Gametrailers or IGN do pretty good video reviews.

In terms of reviews the best places to check out are review aggregators. GameRankings is pretty good. Just search for the game your after and have a look at the review scrores for the games reviewed by decent sources. Check out the reviews as well if you want.

Now if the games that your after are too old for GameTrailers or even just your internet reviews(before 1995?). Then Wikipedia is your best bet. Wikipedia is good for regurgettating too much storyline as the pages are generally edit by the huge fans. Have a quick read thru and see if its the type of game for you. Also the Critical reaction part is pretty good to get an idea on if the game isactually any good.

Now that you have sussed out any games that you weren’t sure about. You can remove any games if you want.

Last minute additions

Any games that you’ve forgotten? Man I just hate that feeling. If you do think that you’ve missed something head over to Gamerankings and check the top scoring 50-200 titles released for that system.

Final Considerations

Well now that you know what you want, go out and get it. Be sure to look around to ensure that you get the best prices. If you are getting some older titles then it might also be worth checking out the Xbox Live Arcade, Virtual Console and the PSNs game titles as there might be a few tucked away in there. Good luck, I hope this wasn’t too tedious and might actually help people.

BTW if you want to get those games for a decent price check out my article on Bargain Hunting for Videogames.

  • I still have my NES and a few games, I really should get off my ass and sell them on ebay or something.

  • Here are a few of my thoughts.

    It is wise to be careful when using sites like Wikipedia and Game Rankings. Thinking through how their information is gathered is very important. For example a Wikipedia page based on a game is more likely to be edited by someone who greatly enjoy the game than someone who thought it was medicore or the average game score of a Game Rankings game might be 100% but how many reviews of their of this game? It is important to factor these as well as other issues in.

    On of the biggest problems with getting an older console late in its life is the selection of earlier titles. Looking at your list I have a feeling that the Grandia games would likely be discontinued as well as a few others, unfortunately.

    I agree with you on video reviews. They are a great source of information and are much more powerful than just a text based review.

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