How can one resist? – the PSP

June 10th, 2007

A part of me feels like a fool saying that its hard to resist purchasing a PSP, the other half has already gone out and bought one. I have had a lot of faith in the console but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed with the quality of game releases in the last 6 months. There are enough titles on the system that would warrant me buying one, but only just.

Despite this unfortunate looming problems I can’t help but feel an urgency to buy for 2 main reasons. They are:

1)The two Syphon Filter titles
2)The Final Fantasy Tactics Remake

Now you see, I am a huge fan of the original Syphon Filter games as well as the (true) original FF Tatctics. They are a personal favourite and hold a place in the bottom of my heart.

Only last week at Sony’s Gamers Day Sony announced the 2nd Syphon Filter game for the PSP. Which is absolutely excellent. Supposively Gabe Logan’s partner Lian Xing has gone under cover and has been working against Gabe. This is crazy news!

Check out the trailer:

I felt rather unsatisfied with the GBA iteration of FF Tactics. Sure it was a great game but it had law cards, the graphics and music just didn’t quite fit with the original, the job system had less flow and theres just too much tedious work. I hate that I can’t finish all 300(repetitve battle) missions because I am missing one damn item which I have to go back and repeat one mission in order to (hopefully) get an item to do another mission which may give me the correct item to finish the original mission. UghThe original had the perfect pre-redered animated character sprites(they aren’t really sprites tho as they are taken from bitmaps?), the music that I call ‘Tactics’ music, man that music is just so gorgeous and the gameplay that flows so neatly so that everything interlocks with ease. Uhhh man

final fantasy tactics war of the lions job system psp

Sony have me pinned down on this one. There’s no way that I can avoid these games. No way. Curse you Sony!